12th January 2018
26th January 2018

Here at Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations we pride ourselves on our professionalism and this means not getting carried away when we hear unexplained noises or incidents during our public and private paranormal investigations. We take our paranormal investigations seriously and as a team we have a healthy mix of sceptics and believers and it does work very well for us! But we do have an ongoing debate, or we paranormal investigators or are we ghost hunters?

If you put in either key-phrases in your search engine both will come up! So, is there a difference or is it just language snobbery?

In our Hartlepool Paranormal Investigation debates on the subject we talk about professionalism, paranormal investigations sounds more scientific is the reasoning, where ghost hunting conjures up the impression of a squad of “Scooby Doo”stereo types bungling across high activity venues and getting something but not being quite sure what it is! So we choose to be called paranormal investigators.

But does it go deeper than that?

By definition what are we looking for? Proof of the afterlife or debunking recorded events or indeed a mix of both?

By definition again we need to know what labels to put on areas for paranormal activity –

  • A ghost is defined as a spirit like apparition that is fully or partly visible. it is classed as a signature to a place that replays the same event over and over. It’s not intelligent, it cannot interact, it cannot respond to human questions or trigger objects. It is in essence a movie clip that replays over and over that is released by the surroundings in certain conditions.
  • A spirit is defined as the soul of a human. Spirits can be linked to a place, an object or a person. A spirit can interact and communicate if it so chooses.
  • A demon is a non-human spirit that is linked with evil and is able to communicate.
  • A conjured spirit or thought form is one that has been made by a human, usually a witch that can be good, evil or indifferent but can communicate if it wishes.

Based on the above definitions our investigations would encompass all of the above so we are not just looking for ghosts, we are looking at and for everything. All of the above rolled into one is covered by paranormal, which basically anything that isn’t normal!

So by definition at Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations we carry out paranormal investigations and not ghost hunts.


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