12th January 2018

Hi All, it has been very busy at HPI since the New Year. We have been actively checking out possible investigation sites across the area from Northumberland to York and we have had some very interesting results.


We are trying to keep a mix of local (Hartlepool area) events with places we know have high activity that we could investigate. The highest profile event we have on offer is 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. This is supposedly the most active poltergeist site in Europe. The uptake for this event was so great that we have added a second day and split the team into two to accommodate it. We are all very excited about this one. We also advertise nationally on www.hauntedrooms.com


The Duke of Cleveland investigation on the Hartlepool Headland has sold out! It is great to know that we will be investigating it with those who are returning to our investigations and a few newcomers too. Can’t wait for this to come!


Our website is being updated constantly and we are active on our Facebook page, where we are trying different things to engage with our followers and get a feel for what your interests are. We have added some pictures for visitors to comment on and that seems to be sparking a lot of interest.


We have visited The Studio in Hartlepool, the venue for our next investigation, to do our risk assessment and preliminary investigation checks and it really looks good. There was activity around the building and there are some great areas to investigate.


We are always looking for “good” places to investigate in the North East of England and while we have a growing list of possible venues, we are always open to suggestions from those who visit our sites.


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