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12th January 2018
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31st January 2018




Ever heard the saying “When Angels are near, Feathers are near?”

What scientific proof is there that this is true? Feathers will be all over the place however we generally are unaware of their presence.

If Angels do exist then who says they have feathers? We are told as children that Angels have wings; we see them in stories as old as the bible, in sculptures, paintings and movies.

Is our subconscious noticing the feather floating down in front of our path or in places that you would not typically find a feather as a sign that a passed loved one is near and watching over us. It is all to do with the person’s perception.


Let me tell you a quick story:


One morning I was folding the dried laundry from the clothes airer in the warm conservatory. I was thinking about my gravely ill mam.

The phone rang, it was my sister, and she was with my mam and told me that she had died 5 minutes ago.

I was standing in the kitchen asking about what had happened. We were talking for a good five minutes. As I put the phone down I noticed I had hold of a curly pure white feather.

All the time I had been on the phone I had had hold of it. Where had it come from? The conservatory door had been opened that morning. I must admit, I saw it as a sign.

I took that feather down with me to her funeral and had it inside my bra next to my heart.

Once back in the hotel I carefully placed it on the pillow while I took a shower. When I came out, it was not there. I searched the room for over an hour almost in a panic. Why did a daft feather mean so much? My husband tried to reason with me saying we can easy find another feather outside anywhere, he was right but I just wasn’t having any of it.

I got the keys and decided to search the car even though I knew I had placed it on the pillow, leaving my husband still looking under all the bedroom furniture again.

When I got to my car it was on the seat!

Now how on earth did a feather get from the pillow to the car?

Since that day, if ever I am drawn to a feather as I walk, I have to pick it up!

If you can relate to it and it gives you comfort from this, as I am sure many of you can, that is great. Long may we rest our heads on feathers and let us dream of happy memories and aspirations.


Jo Banks.

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