26th January 2018
16th February 2019

The Blue Blood Moon

Tonight, Wednesday 31st January 2018, clear skies permitting, we will be able to see what is called the Super Blue Blood Moon. Why the interest? The last time it happened was around 150 years ago – around 1868. The conditions for the Super Blue Blood Moon is that it is the second full moon in a calendar month and the and the light from our atmosphere gives the dark blood red coloration.

So why are we at Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations interested in this? This rarest of moons is associated is high levels of paranormal and pagan activity. The super moon causes major increases in metaphysical lunar energies increasing paranormal activity in both strength and occurrence. It is thought that the second moon – the blue moon – creates an energy loop that MAY double paranormal activity; therefore having two moons with double lunar strength could quadruple the energy.

So, tonight would be a great time to use the lunar energies to look for or investigate paranormal activity, link with spirit through prayer and maybe try an experiment or two!

We look forward to hearing of your experiences! Do tell!

Jo Banks Leader/Founder

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