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Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
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by Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
The Studio, Hartlepool

This was the first time this location had ever been investigated by a paranormal team and we can say that this was one of our best investigations so far, and we have a lot to choose from!
A cold and dark February night, an intimate venue with no heating and only the team, our guests and one staff member on site was the setting for what was going to be an eventful night indeed. No-one was ready for what we were going to encounter!
Our Mediums Kevin and Andrea carried out base readings before the guests arrived and there was definitely a lot of potential activity. The spirits appeared curious that someone was trying to interact with them in their space.
The Mediums picked up activity related to the church and also down in the Crypt a much darker entity that affected Andrea as we tried out the experiment that had been set up.
The experiment was designed to isolate two people and see if they can sense spirit. Kevin was aware of a very strong and dark entity which he said caused him to feel intensely cold, whereas Andrea was a few inches away was burning hot. She has posted pictures of this on our Facebook page. Andrea also had her hair pulled here.
The guests arrived and we started as always with our protection prayer. This isn’t something that we would mention except some guests decided to remain outside of the circle and therefore outside of the protection; more on this later!
Before splitting into groups we conducted a Human Pendulum and we picked up a young male spirit. He wanted to go into the light so Kevin helped him into the light and back with his family. Some of the guests reported seeing an orb of light at the point he left which may have been recorded by one of our cameras. We will obviously keep you updated of all of our recorded evidence. While doing the pendulum an angry spirit entered the circle and was quite forceful in the answers. The energy was intense as he reluctantly went into the light – this is done by our Medium Kevin who is experienced in house clearances and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone unless they are trained to do so! The energy was so intense it affected one of the guests and she had to be removed from the area.
This was a lively start to the evening and the guest who was affected was checked and she was fine to continue.
At this point we split into two groups.
Each group had a leader and a Medium and we headed off to explore the building fully.
In the Crypt was the first stop. Two of the five guests in this group tried the experiment and without prompting got the same hot and cold sensations experienced by our Mediums earlier. Also here the lady who had been affected earlier said she was kicked. When we checked her over she had had the skin removed from her leg. The lady wasn’t in the protection circle earlier and our Medium gave her the protection she needed to ensure she was safe. We heard audible growling here and one of the guests felt something sinister hold their hand.
The dark entity certainly liked this group and stayed with them for the evening

Meanwhile Group B was getting their own proof from the resident spirits with activity at the top of the stairs with the spirit of a young girl who had been seen earlier in the day. While they were communicating with the spirits and getting EVP evidence such as breathing, the lift door inexplicably opened despite there being no-one near it on either level and a female voice was heard to say “yoo-hoo”!
In the main room Group A guests picked up some less angry spirits. A young couple holding a baby, the lady told us she played the piano for the church. They were keen to go into the light and we helped them do this. The other spirit was a Verger type – not a Minister, but more the church caretaker and he would watch the congregation and ensure no-one misbehaved! He had a conversation with a guest through our Medium and it made for a very interesting insight of how they see us when we link in with them, thanks to some great questions from the guest.
We tried the Ouija Board here but had limit success; however, we got the initial letter for the dark entities name “Z”!
After the break Group A went to the top of the stairs were we picked up a death by heart failure on the stairs, which Group B also picked up on! Here we tried Scrying and our volunteer saw his face change and blister apart from his eyes that looked like he may have worn goggles when it happened. When we asked questions the K2 meters went frantic in response and we were able to determine he was a German pilot who had crashed, but nothing more!
In the “Green Room” Group B used the Ouija Board but agreed they didn’t get a lot from it.
Both groups tried the Spirit Box experiment in the Crypt; Group B said it was quiet until they went to leave when they got an interesting response. Group A had more responses and the only guest standing in the room was told to “take a seat” while being looked at directly, even though the participant was blindfolded. Also is this session our Tech Man and Sceptic, Alan, was moved on his chair.
Group B picked up a lot of activity in the ladies toilet a gentleman was picked up and when he went into the next cubicle (no-one was in it) there was a flash of unexplained light which sent out guests running out of the toilets.
We got both groups together at the end to share experiences and we “all” joined in with the closing prayer.
All in all an incredibly eventful night and one that the guests and the team enjoyed.

by HPI on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
Event Attended: Duke of Cleveland, Hartlepool

This was HPI's second event at this venue and the paranormal activity in the building drew us back to follow up on our previous investigation; and it didn't disappoint!
We carried out a Human Pendulum in the ballroom and got instant results. We always ask those less convinced of spirit to try first and the results can be very good and this time was no different.
There is a lot of activity in the ballroom and we found spirit jumping in and out to talk to us during the pendulum exercise. It was hard to keep track as to who we were communicating with as we fluctuated between male and female spirits and those who live in the building and those who died in the building. For those who took part and those who just observed it was a great way to open the event.
We also carried out some pendulum work and the guests got some very positive "yes" and "no" responses and while we were doing this in the ballroom our plasma ball turned itself off and then back on again. We tested the ball of course and there was nothing wrong with the ball or the electricity supply!
In the ballroom we also used a range of REM Pods and they were going off constantly, in fact they were so active it was difficult to get a base reading, so we decided to not use them as proof of spirit being around us.
The second team (in the Wood Room) were experiencing a great deal of activity from the Ouija Board and they got initials of DHC and the date of 1922. If you can connect these together we would like to hear from you!
After the break we allowed guests to wander around the building (supervised of course) to do lone-vigils and their own call outs. They were able to use the large range of equipment that we have and our team are always on hand to help if needed.
In the meantime we went on Facebook Live - our Medium and our Tech guy were allowed to enter the attic to meet the spirit our Medium had picked up earlier. His name was Harold and he had lived in the servant's quarters on the top floor and he was wrongly hanged for a crime that had been committed by someone who lived in the house.
He was given the opportunity to speak through the spirit box and the K2 meter never stopped reacting to our questions. Eventually, our Medium helped hi connect to his family and he left in peace.
In the Blue Room we conducted a call out using the Ghost Pro meter and connected with a landlord who killed his cheating wife and then himself in that very room.
We also used the "blind spirit box" experiment to call out to spirit and a guest relays the responses they get. This experiment is still in the early stages of development; however, the results are excellent.
All of our guests enjoyed the evening and we look forwards to seeing them and you at our future events that can be seen on our website.

by mark heseltine on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
Event Attended: the duke of cleveland

my first time with this paranormal group and i must say what a great bunch of people .. very professional in what they do.. and enjoy a good laugh now and then when appropiate .. be going to a lot more with this group very impressed thankyou

by Jade Barratt on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
Event Attended: Duke of Cleveland

Had a great time at the Duke of Cleveland last night it was very spooky, all the staff where lovely and very helpful.

by Pamela Cairns on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
Event Attended: Duke of Cleveland

Briĺliant night at Duke of Cleveland last night. Especially loved the Ouija boards and human pendulum. We were able to use equipment which was refreshing. H.P.I. members were really good making sure you felt comfortable and safe. Definitely broadened my view. Look forward to the next investigation.

by Emma Heseltine on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
Event Attended: Duke of Cleveland

The investigation last night was amazing, and the team looks after your well-being at all times. You can also go over them to ask them any questions even if it's stupid. Last night blew me away what with what was coming out.
I would recommend anyone to investigate with this team!!! See you all soon.

by Chris Gillott on Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations
Event Attended: Duke of Cleveland

Good night with the HPI team, well hosted, plenty to do and they keep it interesting. Look forward to seeing you guys again.